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Ryan Keys

  In this episode Ryan Keys (Co-Founder/President at Triple Crown Resources) joins us to discuss his background and how he went from a UT grad in Mechanical Engineering to pursuing his Masters in Petroleum Engineering at Texas A&M. He discusses the main motivator as to what pushed him to pursue his PE: traveling. His first stint he was an expat in Argentina, then after another role, he decided to pursue his passion and travel the world for a bit, sending him from Colombia, Peru, Australia and including a motorcycle trip throughout the countryside of Eastern Europe. After responsibility and lack of funds snuck up on him, he decided to get back into the workforce where he obtained a job at Wapiti, then Jefferies for 7 years, then by...

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Austin Bryant

  On this episode Austin Bryant (Account Manager - Faith Manufacturing) joins us and gives us his story as a "first...

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Kate Heiken

  On this episode of Round the Rotary, Kate Heiken (Drilling Manager - Ovintiv) provides us with an in-depth discussion of...

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Micah Renfro

  On this episode, Micah Renfro (President - The Energists) gives us his perspective as a recruiter/headhunter on the...

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Justin Findley

On this episode of Round the Rotary, Justin Findley (EVP/COO FESCO) joins us and discussed the long history of FESCO and how it...

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