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Derek Nixon & Jayme Sperring

  On this episode of Round the Rotary, Derek Nixon (CEO) and Jayme Sperring (VP Business Development & Global Marketing) of Varel International Energy Services join us to discuss their background and how they got to where they are today. It was great to hear Derek speak on his path from “field to CEO”, now leading one of the most dynamic oilfield products companies in the industry. talk about each role he has taken on from starting off cleaning drill bits, to being CEO today. Definitely great to hear a leader who is not only down to earth in his approach, but also one that focuses on the people within his organization. Jayme gives his perspective on building a competitive advantage through an agile, team-driven culture while...

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Jamie Elrod & Massiel Diez

On this episode, Jamie Elrod (Kaleh) and Massiel Diez (Founders/Hosts Flipping The Barrel Podcast) join us to discuss "personal...

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Doug Woodcock

On this episode of Round the Rotary, Doug Woodcock (Drilling Engineer - Callon Petroleum) gives us his background in the...

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John Spath

On this episode John Spath (SVP - Drilling & Production at Talos Energy) meets with us to discuss his background and his...

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Jason Churchill

On this episode we have Jason A. Churchill, P.E. (CEO PetroLegacy Energy) joining us to discuss the issues the oilfield was...

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Justin Gauthier

In this episode the one and only Justin Gauthier (Account Manager at AES Drilling Fluids, LLC/Host of the "Oil and Gas Global...

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Ruben Rico

In this episode Ruben Rico (Sr. Petroleum Engineer at Lonquist & Co., LLC) provides us with his experience looking for his next...

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